Star Wars: Alternate outcome

The Beginning

Star Wars: Alternate ending starts after Obi-Wan tells [[:Padme]] that Anikan has turned to the dark side and needs to know where he is. After leaving he runs into your characters and tells you guys to warn him if Padme leaves for Anikan. Before he leaves he gives you a tracker beakon.

As your characters are keeping track of Padme you here a transit vehicle pull up. Padme goes to change. You guys need to plant the tracking beakon on here ship so Obi-Wan knows where to go.

Obi-Wan thanks you for the information of where she is going and says he will contact your characters after he returns. So you head to a local Canteena and wait.

The Meeting
As you are waiting a Bothan by the name of Borsk Fey’lya approaches you in the Canteena. He tells you to that Obi-wan is waiting in the Jedi Temple’s Library for you.



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